eie Institute of Education

Welcome to the eie Institute of Education, a further and higher educational institution licensed by (License No: 2005-TC-001) the National Commission for Further and Higher Education of Malta, offering MQF Level 3 to Level 7 programmes, in partnership with established international institutes and universities.

eie’s focus is to provide the best education at the best possible price without distinction of race, creed or colour. We are proud to be both an equal opportunity employer and a multi cultural educational organisation where all our academic staff, administrative staff and students can interact in a learning environment without any restrictions of age or sex.

EIE Languages Centre (licensed by the EFL Board as an English Language School), situated at the eie Centre in San Gwann, offers the following language programmes:

  • GENERAL / INTENSIVE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES – This course is intended both for students who would like to start learning the language and also caters for others who are already studying English but would like to improve their skills. 
  • ACADEMIC ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES – The main aim of this course is to prepare students for internationally recognised exams in the English language through a long term course which will also help students for University/Higher Education entrance language exams.   
  • BUSINESS ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES – This course is intended for adults involved in the business world who would like to learn English to facilitate their communication skills in business deals. It is also suitable for younger students who would like to work in the business field in future. 

ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES START EVERY MONDAY. All the teachers at EIE Languages Centre are qualified to teach English by the EFL Board.  

For more information about these courses please send an e-mail to info@eieonline.com

EIE Languages Centre is licensed by the EFL Monitoring Board 

Our aim is to provide a good choice of high quality courses in a professional but relaxed learning environment.

Our qualified and experienced teachers and Director of Studies have a professional and caring approach. They are always happy to consult with you about your progress, make suggestions and make sure that you get the maximum from your course.

This should also help you learn more efficiently during the course and continue your studies after the course. All students take a level test on arrival so we can place you in the class that is the most appropriate level for your linguistic needs. EIE Languages Centre, offers courses for students from beginner to advanced level.

In class you will use a combination of course books and materials specifically developed by EIE’s experienced academic team.

At the end of the course you will receive an EFL approved certificate awarded by EIE Languages Centre, together with an academic report from your teacher. 

For those students, who wish to sit for an international English Language Exam, will be guided by our staff about the application process.